Advancements in Understanding and Managing Deep Vein Thrombosis: A Contemporary Perspective


  • Mohd. Maruf Khan P.G. Scholar, Ilaj Bit Tadbeer H.S.Z.H. Government Autonomous Unani Medical College Bhopal, 462003,M.P.
  • Mehmooda Begum Professor, Ilaj Bit Tadbeer H.S.Z.H. Government Autonomous Unani Medical College Bhopal, 462003,M.P.
  • Arif Anees Reader, Ilaj Bit Tadbeer H.S.Z.H. Government Autonomous Unani Medical College Bhopal, 462003, M.P
  • Akanksha Mishra JRF, Centre of Excellence in Biotechnology, Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology Bhopal, 462003, M.P.



Deep vein thrombosis, pathogenesis, pulmonary embolism


Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) refers to the formation of blood clots within the deep veins, typically affecting those in the pelvis or lower extremities, including the calf, femoral, and popliteal veins. DVT poses a significant global healthcare challenge due to its potential to cause life-threatening complications like pulmonary embolism. Recent years have seen substantial progress in comprehending the pathophysiology of DVT and in enhancing strategies for its prevention and management. This review article presents a contemporary viewpoint on the progress made in understanding and addressing DVT, focusing on advancements in epidemiology, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, and preventive measures.


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