Microsponge as Novel drug delivery system


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Microsponge, NDDS, Novel drug delivery system, MDS


Microsponge Frameworks are made up of tiny polymer-based microspheres that can suspend or trap a wide range of substances before being combined to form a specific item such as a gel, cream, fluid, or powder. One of the most recent, new, and profoundly progressing advancements is the microsponge medicate conveyance framework, which provides regulated discharge and location-specific delivery of dynamic fixes. Microsponge medication administration can enhance the efficacy of topically dynamic operators by improving security, increasing item stability, and advancing properties in an efficient and new manner. Microsponge as a drug can easily change the pharmaceutical discharge form and advance forward definition solidity while reducing the negative effects of the medication. They are too being utilized to adjust pharmacokinetic parameters. In this review article, we will discuss about microsponge as NDDS, its advantages, methods of formulation and its evaluation.


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