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Pharmacogenomics, genomics, Applications, Pharmacology


Pharmacogenomics represents a cutting-edge fusion of pharmacology, the intricate science of drugs, and genomics, the study of genes. This innovative discipline aims to craft personalized and secure medications, custom-tailored to an individual's unique genetic composition. Within the context of the burgeoning paradigm of personalized medicine (PM), the application of pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics (PGx) assumes an escalating significance. In the realm of clinical trials, the incorporation of PGx represents an adjunctive tool meriting consideration, fostering an enhanced comprehension of the efficacy and safety profiles of novel pharmaceutical entities. Foreseeing the near future, pharmacogenomics holds the promise of facilitating the formulation of tailor-made therapeutics to address pervasive health challenges such as neurodegenerative disorders, cardiovascular ailments, HIV, cancer, asthma, and other conditions. This review article covers the overall Pharmacogenomics.


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