Advancement in gastro retentive floating tablet: an updated review


  • Vishal Rana Department of Pharmaceutics, St. Soldier Institute of Pharmacy, lidhran Campus, Behind NIT (R.E.C.), Jalandhar –Amritsar By Pass, Nh-1, Jalandhar -144011, Punjab, India.
  • Ritu Rani Department of Pharmaceutics, St. Soldier Institute of Pharmacy, lidhran Campus, Behind NIT (R.E.C.), Jalandhar –Amritsar By Pass, Nh-1, Jalandhar -144011, Punjab, India.
  • Rajesh Kumar Department of Pharmaceutics, St. Soldier Institute of Pharmacy, lidhran Campus, Behind NIT (R.E.C.), Jalandhar –Amritsar By Pass, Nh-1, Jalandhar -144011, Punjab, India.
  • Ajeet Pal Singh Department of Pharmaceutics, St. Soldier Institute of Pharmacy, lidhran Campus, Behind NIT (R.E.C.), Jalandhar –Amritsar By Pass, Nh-1, Jalandhar -144011, Punjab, India.
  • Amar Pal Singh Department of Pharmaceutics, St. Soldier Institute of Pharmacy, lidhran Campus, Behind NIT (R.E.C.), Jalandhar –Amritsar By Pass, Nh-1, Jalandhar -144011, Punjab, India.



Gastroretentive, GRDDS, Gastric Retention, Gastro-Retentive Drug Delivery System


The widespread use of oral dose forms in disease treatment may lead to inadequate pharmacokinetic properties due to rapid transit through the gastrointestinal tract. This makes it challenging to achieve therapeutic levels in situations where the medicine is barely soluble. Studies have been conducted to identify formulations that enhance these characteristics while extending stomach residence time, with gastro retentive controlled drug delivery systems being beneficial. This study evaluates recent developments in FDDS, focusing on how these systems function to make dosage forms float in stomach fluid for gradual release, better gastric retention, and improved bioavailability of oral medicine. It discusses the pharmaceutical importance of GRDDS, stomach physiology, and factors controlling gastric retention. The review also discusses the preparation of GRDDS, polymeric materials, dosage form evaluation, and comparisons between conventional and GRDDS. In this abstract, we will keep an eye on updated review on recent advancement in gastro retentive floating tablet.


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